Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Strings-- November Issue

I made another thing for the November issue of Strings! I like how this one turned out. For an article called "3 Steps On The Road To Confidence" basically about how there are no shortcuts in learning to be a musician. AD Emily Fisher.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

VIBE Album Cover

A while ago I helped animate a logo for a production company called the Meteorites, and they recently got back in touch with me to put together an album cover for VIBE's newest album. They originally had their album titled "Golden Hour" but eventually switched to "Carpe Diem" -but still wanted to keep the golden hour theme while also including the members of the group. Here's what I ended up coming up with.

They also really enjoyed what I did with the VIBE logo so they put it on a shirt! I thought that was cool. It was really fun working with Leo Volcy on this one.


A while ago I illustrated a few articles for a magazine called Strings! They were about music libraries and music students and performers and teachers and music lessons via internet.

Here's how it looked in print--

Super fun to work on. AD Emily Fisher.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Plutokracija Hrvatska poster

Sorry I haven't updated in a million years, I kind of feel like the world is making the switch to tumblr, so I've been updating there more. I will make the effort to keep this up too though.

If you are a tumblr person though, I can be found here: fire-plug.tumblr.com

Here is a movie poster I did a while back for a documentary called Plutokracija Hrvatska all about the immense corruption of the Croatian government- mindblowing stuff.

Art direction by filmmaker/old friend Steven Ellis.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Battles Without Honor And Humanity at Floating World Comics

I made this for Sloane Leong’s Battles Without Honor and Humanity show at Floating World Comics opening September 15th in Portland. You should check out all the amazing YAKUZA ART people have been during for the show, it’s going to be awesome!

This is from the movie Outrage, the yakuza boss Murase is at the dentist and his rivals show up and destroy his mouth with the dentistry equipment while he’s lying in the chair. After that he has to wear this elaborate face contraption to cover the wound. I love the way the contraption looks, but that scene basically terrified me into never wanting to go to the dentist ever again…

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Permanent Collection


I have a piece in a group show called 'Permanent Collection' at Nancy Margolis Gallery in Chelsea in NYC.

The concept of the show is that 130 artists (including lots of amazing artists I went to school with and lots of artists a million times better than me) did a tribute piece to a selection from the Permanent Collection at the MoMA. I chose "When I Think Back.. REA" by Lester Beall.

I chose this piece since it already reminded me of my own work, and I have such a weakness for those graphic, old propaganda-esque posters... as well as any opportunity to draw mechanical devices. Did this is ballpoint pen, xerox, brush and ink, and acrylic paint on cradled wood panel.

This show was curated by the awesome illustrator/my old professor/all around cool dude Jordin Isip.

I know this isn't the greatest picture of it ever, but tomorrow is the reception and if you are in NYC you should go and see it in person!!


Monday, July 2, 2012

XENOMORPHS at Floating World Comics

On Thursday I get to have the pleasure of participating on a sci-fi themed art show in Portland as curated by a cool lady named Sloane Leong . I will not be there, but if you by any chance happen to be in Portland I hope you'll stop by Floating World Comics to see my Videodrome piece!
Long live the new flesh!! Maritsa