Friday, January 9, 2009

Gravity Always Wins

It's winter break. So I s'pose that's pretty cool.

Survey was hectic, but ended up being rather good... or dare i say... fun? In my futile attempt to run around and get pictures of the survey walls of everyone I knew, I actually neglected to take a picture of my own wall. This is the one I could bum. (Thanks)

I won't lie, on a whole I don't really enjoy Christmas and this year I didn't really have time or money to get anyone presents. So, I ended up making most of them out of socks. Here are the little guys I gave to my sister and my mom:

...and despite they're rather odd appearance, everyone seemed to like theirs. I guess I have a rather odd family, so it worked out pretty well. But yes, while I refused to pull a real all nighter for typography, I did pull an all nighter for Christmas. I can't kick it.

And here's a shitty picture of the freelance work i'm doing. I will no doubt be changing it soon.

Aaaaand, I was able to try and experiment with coloring something on the computer for the first time. Don't laugh. It's crude and I'm real bad at it, but I thought I'd try. I left all the words out cause it's a REAAAL sappy one. I might vomit.

In other news, I've been working on the story of how the vice cop got fired, for real this time... it's... coming along. slowly but surely. Also, I got my first moleskin for christmas and I've resolved to try and draw in it every day. My other artsy friends and I are becoming the pretentious people in the corner of parties...
But if I get around to it, I'll get some scans from that stuff.

And that's all I can think of for the moment. goodnight--



Mr. B said...

bright neon colors with large amounts of fluorescent pink in digitally colored comics?

adorable emoticon esque faces on the pumpkins?

sock monsters?

*total approval!*

Hunter said...

That's not the layout of your room and you know it!

If you want to try more digital painting, I can bring you my older tablet to play with. I forget if you had one or not...

Hunter said...

ps The House always wins.

MONster said...

i love sock monkeys but those monster things win! i want =)