Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Until the sun burns out, I hope you're waiting.

Hello again. My sketchbook is looking a little different to me, and the poor thing is falling apart.

Little Radiohead.

PSSSH serendipity

The Wonderful Wisdom of the Great Uncle Phil.

Fat people at the airport/practice drawing condors.

My co-worker at Marvel, Damein battling- nay, defeating a condor. And some girl playing a violin.

This is a poster I painted for sharing-books.com, illustrating a nonsense poem by Jennifer Poulter. Goofy much? Yeah, the clowns are a little scary. You should've seen it when the boy still didn't have a face. Creepy.

And here's a little more nonsense, too. Oil, acrylic, ink, just threw it all on there. It's feeling a little lost, and I'm trying to decide whether it's a good thing.

There is some that won't upload, and there is some on the way. I shall return...


Akeem Everett said...

that poster is awesome and the duck in it is my favorite

Melissa Ling said...

I really like the direction your sketchbook is going in! I can't wait to see more (and from your crazy expensive leather one too- hahaha)

chanice said...

I love Uncle Phil.

aripatrinos said...

Love the condors!

Richard Chan said...

love the sketchbook. its mad coooool.