Tuesday, September 15, 2009

First post of the semester.

For this assignment, the only direction we were given was the phrase "Festival of Fools."

arcylic and fail ink
Rives failpaper
eleven by failteen

And, should any of you find yourself in Austin, Texas- You should go see the amazing band, Mother Falcon, for whom I designed this poster:

You should also vote for them here so they can play the Austin City Limits Music Festival.



aripatrinos said...

I always Mr.T had staying power!
Poster makes me want to finda reason to go to Austin.

chanice said...

Tell your teacher Chanice Greenberg gives you an A on the Mr.T drawing so they can mark it in their book.

ben jamin dayton said...

love the Mr. T poster! You have such a cool and unusual take on things.