Sunday, February 14, 2010

Society of Illustrators Student Competition (?!?!)

So, remember this post? Where I said that my not-very-good digital piece got nominated for the society's student competition?

Well, it turns out that the piece actually got in the show. Take a look here.

I'm very honored... even though I'm also... VERY surprised...

The piece was actually three separate snowmen done for MTV which later got rejected. I never put them up before, but here they are:

Believe it or not... :)


aripatrinos said...

love the contrasts

krmukai said...


Mr. B said...

haha awesome,

you need a pimp hat + cane now!

Jamin said...

Fuck yeah Maritsa! Good work. I like the one with the headphones a lot. I'm stoked you're getting some recognition.