Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Blog Hiccups and Blood Magic

So I've have been having a little trouble with this blog, having accidentally deleted the images on it. I restored a bunch of the recent stuff, but I might end up deleting most of the old stuff.

But that's okay! My new stuff looks pretty different from the old stuff anyway. Keepin' it FRESH. I also got a tumblr if that's more of your format.

So, what I've been up to lately is working on this zine called Blood Magic. Me and my friends Kris and Hunter put it together to commemorate George R. R. Martin's latest book in the Song of Ice and Fire series- A Dance with Dragons.

So the three of us and lots of other AWESOME illustrators did some pretty art inspired by the series. We put together and printed 200 copies of the zine and brought them to George R. R. Martin's New York signing last Thursday. We handed out a bunch of them fans and were able to give a copy to George R. R. Martin himself. He seemed to like it!

Here's what I put in the zine:

A lost wolf flyer for Nymeria. I also hung this around Union Square before the signing and gave one to GRRM- he seemed to get a kick out of it.

"The Bear and the Maiden Fair"

I also drew this super obnoxious ASOIAF themed border for the credits page.

If you like the books or the Game of Thrones HBO series, or you know, just like awesome art in handmade zines, please get yourself a copy here!


Mashu said...

Hi, I love the border you've drawn :) I got to it through google image. Is it okay if I use it for some teaching resources I'm making?