Monday, February 23, 2009

All it takes to fall, what a quiet world after all.

So I guess this week is my unofficial experimenting with multimedia and collage week. I'm not sure if it looks alright or just tacky yet, just trying it out.

This one is for my ridiculous illustration class assignment. We're supposed to be combining pandora's box, the illustrated man, and one of 5 themes. I chose politics. Not that it reflects my personal views or anything...

This one is for the Observer book review. The book is The Nine Lives: Death and Life in New Orleans... pretty much self explanatory...

I will definitely not be disgracing myself by putting my work for children's book class up yet. I will however share some more of my moleskin.

Being bored in Ecology and at Marvel.

Being bored during the meeting for work and waiting to get a new phone.

Copying Manifest Destiny and Kabuki while being bored at Marvel. Also Rudy's jar of colored pencils.


Mr. B said...


you are rocking the editorials!

fuck yeah.

Hunter said...

Fuck. I want to read manifest destiny.

ben jamin dayton said...

awesome work Maritsa. I love how this is just your stuff you do casually in the interim. reminds me of Chad Otterstrom on a snowboard. He'd say he was just taking it easy that day on the jumps and then drop in and blow everyone's minds with his moves

Melissa Ling said...

I agree with Mr. B. I really liked your piece for the New Orlean's Ed!